You can now create your own radio station with YouTube Music

Radio Builder: the new YouTube Music feature to create your own radio station

You can now create your own radio station with YouTube Music
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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Artificial Intelligence is becoming more advanced every day. While ChatGPT continues to evolve and rivals such as Bard are emerging, other platforms continue to experiment with it. In the field of music, Spotify is the most advanced in this use through its algorithms, but there is another that lags behind: YouTube Music.

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Google‘s music platform has just launched a new feature that allows users to create their own radio stations. This way, you can escape from traditional music radios and create your own radio formula with your individual tastes. You can even create several according to genres, moods, etc.

Gif showing the Radio Builder setup process.
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How to create a radio station on YouTube Music

The feature is called Radio Builder and can be accessed from the “Your Music Tuner” section on the YouTube Music home page in both the iOS and Android apps.

Once inside this section, you can select up to 30 different artists that will be included in the programming of that radio. In addition, you can choose whether you only want to listen to music from them or add music from similar artists based on them. In addition, you can indicate if you want to play only songs that you have already heard, new ones that surprise you or a mix of both.

The possibilities are endless: you can create stations only of Spanish artists, of the entire Argentine rap scene or even make mixes that no traditional radio would dare. The power to program this radio is in your hands.

YouTube started testing this feature a few months ago, and wants to keep it in the future. It has also promised to introduce even more new features this year, so it may soon become an interesting competitor to Spotify.

Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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