Raise funds for your next project online

Raise funds for your next project online

Have you ever come up with an idea so epic you think it’d be the next big thing, if only you could find the means to fund it? Your dream might be closer to reality than you realize. It doesn’t matter if you’re completely broke or just don’t want to take a huge financial risk. If other people like your idea, you just might be able to get the funding you need.

Crowdfunding websites have been cropping up everywhere, and they’ve been making a splash in a variety of different realms, including fashion, photojournalism and software development. While the execution of project proposals is different from site to site, one thing’s the same for all of them: the ability to create professional-looking project proposals on each site’s web app interface has never been simpler.

Here are four great crowdfunding sites to look into:

KickStarter:By and far the most well-known site of its kind out there, KickStarter is where Diaspora, the open source alternative to Facebook earned $10,000 in under two months. All manner of projects can be proposed on KickStarter, from fashion to music to writing & publishing. The objective is to hit your funding goal in a specific amount of time. If you fall short, none of your donors are required to pay out.

RocketHub: Almost identical to KickStarter, RocketHub is another creative arts-focused crowdfunding platform that lets you propose your projects and try to earn funding backers. It also has the added benefit of having an awards and badges system. This encourages RocketHub users to interact, as well as places projects in need of attention in front of more interested eyes. The site even has its own terminology for its users. Project proposers are called Creatives, while the people offering financial backing are the Fuelers.

IndieGoGo: Want your project featured in popular media outlets? IndieGoGo gives you the possibility of this opportunity. From software apps to other creative art endeavors, there is a wide variety of different project types that can be proposed. IndieGoGo also has great social media platform integration, so it’s as easy as a few clicks to share your projects or those you find impressive on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Quirky: If you’re just as interested in receiving feedback for your idea as in receiving funding, Quirky might be a better choice for you. This web app also allows you to submit your project for a fee, but the main focus is the interaction and comments you get from other Quirky users about the viability of your proposal. Quirky will help you refine and focus your idea to give it the best chances for success.

Overall, project proposal web apps like these are a great way to get your ideas noticed and potentially funded. They also offer you a simple way to create a page and show off your idea to the world.  Creative geniuses should be aware that most crowdfunding sites charge a fee, both to host the project and also for processing the transaction of sending you the funding money once your proposal term is over, however. Usually, these fees show up as a percentage deducted from the overall funding you manage to raise and don’t cost you anything upfront. Be sure to read the fine print carefully before deciding on a site.

For budding artists who just want a great free place to create and show off their portfolio of work, check out our earlier post about Carbonmade.

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