Rasterbation is not a crime

Get creative with your rasterbatingFollowing Elena’s post title earlier, you might be forgiven for thinking we’re holding some kind of ‘innuendo-off’ at insideTonic today. However, I’m not stooping to her level, merely explaining about a cool online app called The Rasterbator. This web-based tool is incredibly easy to handle (ahem) and allows you to make gigantic posters from even the smallest of images. You simply upload your desired picture to the site, then crop and resize it before The Rasterbator sends you a PDF file generated from the image.

Your rasterbated image will be split into a number of different pages, which can then be printed out, joined together and splashed across the nearest wall. With the maximum printed image size standing at a whopping 20 metres, I can see rasterbation becoming a very popular pursuit, especially among graphic designers who want to exhibit their work on a larger scale. For some creative inspiration check out this impressive gallery to see just what you can achieve using the application. Remember though, don’t do it too much or you’ll go blind.

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