Rdio now offers free web streaming

Lewis Leong


Hot off the heels of Spotify’s announcement that its service would offer unlimited, ad-supported streaming on the web, Rdio has joined in on the free streaming fun. Now users can stream an unlimited amount of music on Rdio’s website for the low price of free (with ads). It appears the upcoming Beats Music service has companies like Rdio and Spotify spooked.

Rdio has over 20 million songs in its digital library and offers an ad-free and mobile experience for $9.99 a month in the form of Rdio Unlimited. Rdio’s mobile app does offer some free music playback, if you don’t mind only listening to radio stations. If you want to download songs on your device and stream whatever track you want, you’ll need the Rdio Unlimited subscription.

Rdio now offers free web streaming

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