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RDR 2: How to make Han Solo and other movie inspired outfits

Alex LaFreniere


Like most things in Red Dead Redemption 2, the selection of clothing is vast. With hundreds of options to choose from, it’s easy to put together outfits that make the game your own. That said, this huge selection of options also makes it easy to put together outfits and costumes inspired by other movies and TV shows. Red Dead 2 players have worked out how to combine the game’s extensive clothing options to make “skins” of sorts, making it possible to create a whole host of iconic characters in game. Here’s a list of our favorite looks and how to create them.

RDR 2: How to make Han Solo and other movie inspired outfits

Django (“Django Unchained”)

django unchained
“Django Unchained”

Django is a former slave turned bounty hunter in the bloody Quentin Tarantino flick of the same name. Learning from a veteran bounty hunter, Django quickly develops deadly skills of his own, and travels the country to bring justice to outlaws and the men who wronged him and destroyed his life.

django unchained red dead 2
Image courtesy Rockstar

To recreate Django’s outfit in-game, you’ll need the following items:

  • Paragon Town Hat (black)
  • Scout Jacket (green)
  • Stand Collar Overshirt (black)
  • Everyday Pants (orange)
  • Cavalry Boots (black)
  • Neckerchief (black)
  • Riding Gloves (black)

Most items on the list should be purchased at a tailor, with the exception of the neckerchief, which is unlocked from the start of the game.

Tommy Shelby (“Peaky Blinders”)

peaky blinders
“Peaky Blinders”

The star of BBC’s “Peaky Blinders,” Tommy Shelby is a World War I veteran turned ruthless gangster, eventually working his way up to become a key player in the underworld of 1920s England. The gang’s name comes from their peaked caps, which conceal razor blades that can be used as weapons. The Peaky Blinders outfit will make your character stand out from the crowd with a sleek, tailored, and dangerous look.

red dead 2 peaky blinders
Image courtesy Rockstar

To recreate the Peaky Blinders look in-game, you’ll need the following items:

  • Flat Cap (grey)
  • Classic Frock Coat (grey)
  • French Dress Shirt (white)
  • Dress Tie (black)
  • Fancy Pants (grey check)
  • Wingtip Gaiters (black)
  • Thompson Vest (black)

While most items can be purchased at the tailor, the Thompson Vest in particular will be placed in your wardrobe after beating the main story.

Han Solo (“Star Wars”)

han solo
“Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi”

Han Solo is essentially the sci-fi version of a Wild West gunslinger. A smuggler and outlaw, Solo is a skeptic who believes in his wits and his blaster. If you want to take the look even further, you can even carry Han’s weapons with you. Solo’s blaster is based on the Mauser C96, which appears in Red Dead 2 as the Mauser.

Image courtesy Rockstar

To emulate Han’s space outlaw look in-game, you’ll need the following items:

  • Classic Vest (black)
  • Stand Collar Overshirt (white)
  • Padded Saddle Work Pants (blue)
  • English Preacher Boots (black)

Though this outfit is relatively simple to put together, it should be noted that the Classic Vest can only be purchased from the General Store in Rhodes.

Indiana Jones (“Raiders of the Lost Ark”)

indiana jones
“Raiders of the Lost Ark”

Indiana Jones is a man who plays by his own rules. A fortune hunter, he travels the globe in search of priceless artifacts and mystical objects. His look is iconic, with a distinctive fedora, leather jacket, whip, and revolver. Though you won’t necessarily have any Nazis to fight, Indy’s outfit is perfect for hunting down dinosaur bones or mysterious rock carvings.

red dead 2 indiana jones
Image courtesy Rockstar

To recreate this fortune hunter’s look in-game, you’ll need the following items:

  • Arthur’s Gambler’s Hat
  • Scout Jacket (grey/black)
  • Cassimere Shirt
  • Everyday Pants (orange/brown)
  • Riding Boots (black)

The Cassimere Shirt is another item unlocked after beating the game, but any open-necked off-white shirt should serve the same purpose. You should also make sure the boots are worn under the pants to achieve the proper look.

The Man in Black (“Westworld”)

man in black westworld

“Westworld” and Red Dead go perfectly together. Westworld is set in the future, where rich tourists can experience a realistic Wild West theme park populated by extremely lifelike AI hosts. Essentially, Westworld is like Red Dead in real life. The Man In Black is a particularly sadistic guest at the park, and his choices of clothing reflect that.

red dead 2 man in black
Image courtesy Rockstar

To recreate the Man in Black’s fearsome look in-game, you’ll need the following items.

  • Worn Cavalry Hat (black)
  • Classic Vest (black)
  • Stand Collar Overshirt (black)
  • Fancy Pants (black)
  • English Preacher Boots (black)
  • Puff Tie (black)
  • Range Gloves (black)

As an additional option, you can also throw on a black/grey Worsted Coat to emulate the jacket the Man in Black often wears over his vest.

With so many clothing options in the game, these outfits are just the tip of the iceberg. Choose your favorite from our list, or hop into the game and create your own famous “skin” for Red Dead 2.

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