Read ebook ePub and PDF files on your iPhone

It may seem like heresy to bookworms, but reading a book on your iPhone is actually quite a pleasant experience. If you’re not convinced, it’s easy to give it a go, and there are plenty of free books out there to try.

Of all the ebook readers available on the App Store, my favorite is Stanza. You can read my review here. I like Stanza as it’s free, full of features to make reading as comfortable as possible, and there are plenty of in-app ways to download books.

However, as well getting books directly from the app, you can also import any PDF or ePub files you have on your computer, making Stanza a really useful document reader too. Plug in your iPhone, and open iTunes.

Click the Apps tab at the top, and scroll down. Here there’s a File Sharing section, click Stanza, and drag any PDF or ePub files you want. After a short sync, you’ll be able to view the files from Stanza. Stanza automatically bookmarks your page, so you’ll never lose your place, it can look up words you don’t know and add annotations too. It may not smell like a book, but the advantages are clear!

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