Read your WhatsApp messages without them knowing

Read your WhatsApp messages without them knowing

A new WhatsApp trick that’s currently swarming social media: how to read your WhatsApp messages without the sender getting the blue double-tick confirmation.

So how could this help you? Well, maybe it could help you to avoid those awkward moments when your partner asks why it took so long for you to reply, even though you had obviously seen the message.

The trick is very simple, all you have to do is put your phone into Airplane Mode before opening your WhatsApp. This disables your 3G, 4G and WiFi and enables you to read the message without being online.

A word of warning – before taking off the airplane mode you must make sure that you have closed down the app or you will get those dreaded two ticks. This means double-clicking the Home button on an iPhone and sliding the app window up, or closing the app on the multitask display on Android.

Obviously this trick is only going to work if your other half doesn’t find out about it first. Or maybe, they already do….

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