Really Useful Dragons brings Thomas the Tank Engine to Skyrim

Move over My Little Pony, Skyrim modder Polarexpresswiz has created Really Useful Dragons. This mod replaces dragons in the epic role playing game with trains from the popular children’s series Thomas the Tank Engine.

There are countless mods available for Skyrim, but as the video below shows, there is something quite special about seeing Thomas flying through the sky, reigning fiery terror on the helpless people below. The video shows the mod running during the introduction of the game, which is great fun to watch.

Default player

If you’re not aware of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it’s a huge fantasy role playing game, and there’s a huge community of users who ‘mod’ the game for Windows. This means altering or replacing files from the original to improve or change the game. They range from graphical improvements, to new character models as seen here, to entire new lands to explore.


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