Reckless Racing 2 review: the best iOS racing game yet?

Reckless Racing 2 review: the best iOS racing game yet?

Reckless Racing 2 is released Thursday 2nd February for for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The highly-anticipated sequel to one of the most popular mobile racing games cranks the action up a gear in what is a deeper and more ‘grown up’ experience.

This week we’ve been testing a preview release of Reckless Racing 2, and have loved every second of it. It boasts the same top-down Micro Machines-style gameplay as the original, only with lots more game modes, improved multiplayer and lots of upgradeable items.

Reckless Racing 2 tones down the hillbilly theme of the original, and the presentation is much more polished. In fact, it feels like developer Polarbit has spent a lot of time playing Gran Turismo during development of Reckless Racing 2!

Additions such as the career mode, vehicle upgrades, racing line, and braking advice seem influenced by GT5. And that’s no bad thing, of course.

Screenshot of Reckless Racing 2

Highlights of Reckless Racing 2:

Career mode with 12 different cups, each set over several races
Arcade mode with challenges set over 40 tracks
– Single event mode with different kinds of races and tracks
– Multiplayer with option to play all of the above modes against friends or strangers online
– Superb graphics with luscious natural backdrops
– Choice of five different control systems
– Lots of driving aids such as auto-accelerate, steering sensitivity, racing line, mini map and pace notes

Is it the best mobile driving game?

That’s a tough one. Reckless Racing 2 is certainly a lot of fun, and its strength lies in the fact that it plays so differently to a straight racing game. If you’re a serious petrol-head, thought, you’ll probably favor Real Racing 2, Asphalt 6, or GT Racing: Motor Academy, since these are more in the traditional racing game mold.

To find out more and to see more screenshots, check out our full Reckless Racing 2 review on Softonic.

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