Red Dead 2’s new gameplay trailer teases heists, first person mode

Alex LaFreniere


Red Dead Redemption 2 is around the corner. Due to release on October 26, Rockstar is still revealing a steady stream of new details about the game. Early Monday, a new gameplay trailer was released showcasing more of the game world and the revamped combat system. Check out the trailer below, and read on to find out more about the game’s first-person mode and heists.

Revamped Combat

arthur morgan gun red dead redemption 2
Arthur on horseback

This gameplay trailer is mostly showcasing the game’s new combat systems. From the very first moment, we see Arthur engaging in a fistfight on board a moving train before jumping onto the roof of a boxcar. The traversal and situational hand-to-hand here looks very reminiscent of the Uncharted series. Rockstar has been teasing a new hand-to-hand system in previous trailers, and though we haven’t gotten technical details of how this will play, it seems that Arthur has a lot more moves at his disposal than John Marston.

Gunplay has also been revamped. It seems certain at this point that Rockstar is porting over the firearm mechanics from Max Payne 3. Notably, we see Arthur dual wielding, first with a pair of pistols, and then with a six-shooter in one hand and a sawed-off shotgun in the other. Just as in Max Payne 3, it seems players will be able to mix and match one-handed firearms in various dual-wielding combos. Two pistols, two shotguns, one of each… the choice is up to you. Also as in Max Payne, Arthur will only be able to carry one long gun at a time, such as a full-length rifle or shotgun.

The Dead Eye system is also getting an upgrade, again seemingly taking cues from Max Payne. It seems more fluid than in the first game, and will now highlight enemy’s critical points. Hearts, brains, and organs are all highlighted in red when the world slows down for Dead Eye. It’ll be even easier to pick targets with the new First Person mode, a feature carried over from GTA V. With the new feature, you’ll be able to see and experience the world quite literally through Arthur’s eyes.

New Activities

arthur morgan red dead redemption 2 saloon
Arthur at the saloon

Some familiar activities are returning from the first Red Dead: gambling is back with card games like Poker and Five Finger Filet. You’ll also be able to hold up stores, wagons, and passers-by.  They’re old standards that have been made much richer by the game’s revamped interaction system. Will you talk your way into money? Pull your gun? Shoot your target? It’s entirely up to the player how to handle any given situation.

However, this new trailer confirms that heists will be coming to Red Dead. The crowning jewel of GTA 5, players will be able to rob everything from banks to trains in grand robberies with your fellow gang members. How heists actually work is still unclear, but it isn’t a stretch to imagine that Rockstar will be taking cues from GTA 5’s heist mechanics. This would include set up missions, picking your crew, planning your approach and escape… if this system is carried over, it could mean some pretty exciting new gameplay for Red Dead 2.

Day-to-day activities are also given new emphasis. As Arthur, you’ll be able to perform seemingly mundane day to day tasks such as choosing your outfit, eating, bathing, and shaving. Knowing Rockstar, however, it seems safe to assume that these tasks aren’t just throwaway. The trailer hints that whether you perform these tasks – or not- will have tangible effects on the game.

Rich New World

arthur morgan riding red dead redemption 2 town
Arthur rides past

As with the first gameplay trailer, Rockstar is playing up the rich, expansive world. Of particular note is the fluid way you’ll be able to experience it, seamlessly moving from one activity to another. Though it isn’t explicitly stated, ambient encounters seem to be key to this. They seem to be a bit more involved than simply saving passers-by from animals or getting ambushed by outlaws.

We already know that the Notoriety system of the first Red Dead will be returning. This means players will receive bonuses based on their actions in the game world. Certain bonuses are only available for honorable players, others for players behaving badly. It remains to be seen what those bonuses are, but in the first game included unique horses, outfits, and buffs to certain mechanics and stats.

NPCs will also remember how you behave, and that’ll inform how they interact with you. The worse you behave, the more likely it is that you’ll have bounty hunters sent after, and NPCs will also be leery. Overall, it seems like a lot more RPG elements are being included in this outing.

It seems like Rockstar is pulling out all the stops for Red Dead 2, incorporating some of the best features of their most recent games into one over-the-top package. Red Dead 2 comes out on October 26, and is currently available for pre-order.

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