Red Dead Redemption: Gunslingers

Red Dead Redemption: Gunslingers

I’m yet to be convinced by Facebook gaming – it mostly reminds me of football manager games from the 80s: Lots of numbers, awful graphics and no action! Still, millions of players disagree with me…

Rockstar’s Read Dead Redemption isn’t released until May 21st, but if you need some mean dueling to keep you going until then, try the Red Dead Redemption: Gunslingers Facebook game.

It works like most Facebook games in that it’s not skill based, but rather based on statistics and chance. You challenge users to duels and gain experience, which makes you a better gunslinger and more likely to win the next fight. Each duel is illustrated with a video, showing you how the stand-off played out. Its pretty bloody, and not for kids!

Choose to be a powerful Outlaw, speedy Fast Hands or accurate Sharpshooter, name yourself and write your own bio. It’s not as in-depth as something like Mafia Wars, but it’s much more professional, with video and sound… and much less annoying!

You can share Red Dead Redemption: Gunslingers with your friends, but it’s not necessary in order to progress. Mafia Wars, however, requires you to bug your friend community if you want to succeed. Obviously, the Rockstar creation is promotional material, unlike Zynga‘s, but it’s still a great example of how to make a Facebook game that doesn’t annoy people!

I think Red Dead Redemption: Gunslingers is a cool distraction, but it’s still nothing that will drag me away from ‘real’ games. The majority of Facebook gaming is based around just clicking and waiting – where’s the fun in that? There are still no games on Facebook that should give any of my consoles cause for concern!

Play Red Dead Redemption: Gunslingers here – obviously you need a Facebook account to get started!

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