Remap your Windows shortcuts

8Start launcher screenshotIf you’re finding that a lot of your desktop shortcuts are out of date, or that your shortcuts are getting out of hand, then you might find 8Start Launcher worth a try. The program is a free portable application launcher which attempts to remove the need to use Windows Start Menu. For those of you who, like me, find their desktop completely cluttered by shortcuts, it’s a brilliant way to tidy-up your screen too. You’ll never find yourself scanning the screen for a shortcut because you’ll do everything through 8Start Launcher.

You can divide different programs into categories and groups, and access them via a single click. These can be programs, components available on your PC, documents, files or folders and even websites. You can add as many items as are necessary and define the size and style of each. This program not only saves valuable organisational time but it reduces the amount of clicking you have to do to launch programs. Just be careful you don’t click the wrong app as its annoying to have to wait for one to open before you can close it again.

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