GTA Vice City: A Game Ahead of Its Time and a Classic Still Remembered Today

GTA Vice City: A Game Ahead of Its Time and a Classic Still Remembered Today
Nacho Requena Molina

Nacho Requena Molina

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Every day we know more and more details about Grand Theft Auto 6, either through leaks in forums or through the specialized press. However, in this post we’re not going to comment anything about Rockstar’s next installment, but we’re going to jump back a bit: we’re going to talk about GTA Vice City.

We have put on the remastered version of the Rockstar Games title -which is certainly not the best- to remember those times of the famous title.

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Eighties atmosphere

Disco music, those mustaches and hairstyles, a character dressed in a Hawaiian shirt… When Rockstar Games set out to design Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the references to the era couldn’t have been clearer, could they?

Vice City is nothing more than a recreation of the Miami of the 80s, but all taken to hyperbole. Where the videogame drinks from is something that it not only does not hide, but it congratulates itself for doing so: it knows the era in which it is set and bets on it, something that suits it perfectly.

It is known that GTA 6 will not be set in the past of Vice City, but in the present. This will happen thanks to the adventure of Jason and Lucia, a policeman and a drug dealer respectively (and who are siblings).

References to movies

If you’re a bit of a movie buff, you’ll know that the Grand Theft Auto franchise takes a lot from cinema as a reference to create its worlds. In the specific case of GTA: Vice City, this is even more palpable from minute one thanks to its protagonist, Tommy Vercetti.

The mobster is a parody of Tony Montana, protagonist of the Scarface movie. In fact, Tommy’s voice is none other than that of Ray Liotta, an actor who made a huge leap in the movie business thanks to his role as Henry Hill in Scorsese’s Goodfellas.

To all this we must add that the game is full of references to cinema. We are not talking about insignificant and empty winks, but missions of the main adventure, characters, etc., are taken from the big screen. And welcome.


Helicopter mission

Here more than one will be laughing, but if there’s one thing I remember from Vice City it’s the damn toy helicopter mission. Now that I’m replaying it I’ve suffered again with it. What a bad control and how weird it was designed, but how it has remained in our retina.

This mission in GTA: Vice City is already a trademark. After all, we’re not talking about taking a big helicopter, but a tiny one to drop off the loads while dozens of characters try to beat you to death, mainly. How to forget it.

The tricks

What would a Grand Theft Auto be without cheats? With Vice City we also had a complete list of combinations to boost our character or change the game completely.

That we had no life? Then “ASPIRINE” was the solution. That we wanted ships flying? “AIRSHIP” for everyone. That you wanted the best weapons from the start? “NUTTERTOOLS was the solution.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City DOWNLOAD

Music and its history

And we close with two key aspects. If Tommy is a copy of Montana, the story is nothing more than a compendium of what has been experienced in movies, series and books about the mafia in the 80s. Drugs, smuggling, border jumps and links with the cartels… The plot always goes along with it, something that is appreciated even today.

To this we must add the game’s radio. All GTAs have been characterized by having very good music. And yes, we emphasize the “very”, since Rockstar Games knew what tunes to acquire to introduce in their radios. Life is a lentil, my friend. Don’t forget that.

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