Remove comments and more from YouTube with AdBlock Plus

Remove comments and more from YouTube with AdBlock Plus

Adblock Plus is now offering users the chance to customize their YouTube experience, with a new page that lets you choose to remove YouTube features you don’t like.

The announcement last week seems to be a response to Google’s integration of Google+ into the YouTube comment system. Adblock says Google+ makes it impossible to remain anonymous on the site, so is offering the option to hide comments completely.

YouTube’s new comment system has caused a lot of controversy, with one online petition to remove Google+ comments gaining over 200,000 signatures. Google is unlikely to change course with YouTube comments, as Adblock Plus rightly points out. Google+ is a central part of Google’s current strategy, and is being ever more tightly integrated into Google services.

Of course, Adblock Plus is mainly developed for blocking ads on websites, and it does so with YouTube, removing the 30 second ads that appear at the start of videos sometimes. Adbock Plus’ YouTube Customizer page also lets you cut suggested videos, annotations and much more.

Here’s the full list:

  • Comments
  • Suggested Videos
  • Featured Videos in the Endscreen
  • Recommended Videos in the Endscreen
  • Sharing tab in the description
  • In-Video Annotations
  • Related Channels on Channel Pages
  • Featured Channels on Channel Pages
  • Popular Channels on Channel Pages
  • Recommended Channels on the Homepage.

Try the AdBlock YouTube Customizer.

Adblock Plus offers a similar service for Facebook users, allowing you to remove a lot of the clutter from the Social network if you choose.

Download Adblock Plus for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera.

[Source: Adblock Plus]

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