Remove vocals from music tracks

Cut singing with Vocal RemoverIf you want to host your own karaoke night or perform your own remixes, it’s useful to be able to remove the vocals from songs. This isn’t as difficult as you might imagine and there’s plenty of software around that will do the job for you without the need for any technical wizardry.

Power Video Karaoke provides a one-click solution for instantly turning down the vocal track of a song. Although it won’t remove the words completely, the ‘Vocal Remover’ command, accessed via the ‘Toolbox’ menu, does enough to mask the singing so you and your buddies can screech over them. Perhaps a more effective tool is Vocal Remover, a Winamp plug-in that virtually removes all vocals so you can work with instrumental versions of your favourite tracks. Once you’ve stripped your tracks down it’s just a case of running them through a mixing program to conjure up your own musical creations.

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