Renamer: A Seriously Powerful Batch Renamer

Renamer: A Seriously Powerful Batch Renamer

I’m going to come clean on this one – to this day, I’ve never been faced with a situation where I needed to rename a bunch of files. Judging by the number of file renamers that are downloaded from Softonic every day, though, I seem to be in the minority.

ReNamer is a batch renamer that’s been around for a while. Just because it’s getting on a bit certainly doesn’t mean it’s past it, though. This little application is small, but very, very powerful. If you have a serious renaming task on your hands, I’d recommend you take a look – what differentiates this app from its competitors is the variety of renaming rules you can choose – there’s 13 pre-configured and the option to add your own. Want to change a capitalized file name into lowercase? No problem. Transliterate Russian file names into English? Sure thing. Rename music using meta tags? Okeydokey! ReNamer has it under control.


Admittedly, if you are looking for a simple renaming app, there are better programs out there. Batch File Rename Utility is flexible, but more limited in its options, which keeps things simple. Ken Rename, meanwhile, balances options and ease of use nicely. If you’re not afraid of the awesome power of ReNamer, however, download it now. It will change your life.Well, maybe that’s pushing it, but I promise it’ll do wonders for your files!

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