Repair care for your PC

Repair care for your PC

Repair logoIf there’s one thing PC users know it’s that nothing works forever. Files get corrupted, drivers stop working and programs that have worked perfectly sometimes suddenly stop doing so for no apparent reason. Sometimes there’s no other solution but to reinstall the software but that can be a long drawn out and messy affair.

Depending on which program or application has stopped working, there are repair tools out there that can fix some of those common software problems. If you’re experiencing a problem that seems to be affecting several applications at the same time, Computer Repair Free scans your entire system for possible problems including Spyware and corrupted files. Once completed, it presents the possible reasons for your problems and leaving you to decide whether to repair it or not. You can also try using PC Repair System which gathers together 30 solid repair tools including CCleaner, HDDScan and Filemon. Registry problems are often the number one culprit for program errors and it’s worth running Free Window Registry Repair to see if it’s the stability of your registry that’s the problem.

One of the most common problems for PC owners is the eventual deterioration of Windows Autoplay function. This is the function that automatically kick-starts a CD or DVD as soon as you insert it. Microsoft AutoPlay Repair may be able to solve the problem if it’s software related although if it’s your hardware that’s broken, there isn’t much it can do. Note you can also try AutoPlay Repair if the former doesn’t work.

Finally, Microsoft Office, as one of the most widely used pieces of software, is also one of the most prone to bugs and mysterious failures. Advanced Office Repair is an excellent solution allowing you to recover everything from corrupted Excel worksheets to Outlook data files. It does also repair Word documents – one of the most frequent victims of corruption in my experience – but if it doesn’t work, try the more dedicated Advanced Word Repair.

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