Resident Evil 7, GTA 5 for PC, Mass Effect 4: the games we can’t wait to see at E3

Resident Evil 7, GTA 5 for PC, Mass Effect 4: the games we can’t wait to see at E3
Maria Baeta

Maria Baeta

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As E3 2014 is drawing near, we’ve asked our game experts to tell us which games they can’t wait to see.

E3, the world’s largest video game expo, will take place in June, and we’re bound to see brand new games, along with new installments of great sagas that we already know and love.

We asked our experts which games are likely be unveiled at E3 and which ones will steal the show.

Resident Evil 7, Fallout 4, Dishonored 2, Mass Effect 4 and Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC: discover why we’re so excited about seeing them at E3 2014.

Daniel C. and Resident Evil 7: ‘I hope Albert Wesker makes a comeback’

I must be one of the few gamers in the universe who liked Resident Evil 6. It was entertaining, fun, long, and had lots of extra modes. That’s why I really want to see Resident Evil 7 (multiplatform, please, I don’t have a PS4 or Xbox One). I hope it’s not a ‘back to the origins’ game as has been rumored for months. Fingers crossed!

I want to see heroes breaking huge boulders with their fists and villain Albert Wesker reborn from the ashes  – even though they threw him into a pit of lava. I want to play unexpected stealth sequences or discover that a mysterious character is actually the clone of the protagonist’s twin brother. In short, I want Resident Evil 7 to have a sense of humor!

Resident Evil 7Who will make a comeback in Resident Evil 7?

Vincent and Fallout 4: “Bethesda, we’ve got faith!”

For me, Fallout 4 is THE GAME for E3. It’s been on the cards for years (even before we saw Skyrim for the first time!), and it seems like Bethesda will finally unveil it at this E3.

If I can make a few guesses, I think we can expect a new game for new consoles and powerful PCs that will use a new version of the Skyrim or Rage engine, both very good for large settings. And while we’re on the topic, rumors also suggest that Fallout 4 will be set in Boston, although this hasn’t been confirmed.

What we do know for sure is that after the brilliant Fallout: New Vegas by Obsidian Entertainment, we have high expectations. This could be a problem, seeing as how Fallout 4 is developed by Bethesda (who also did Fallout 3). This company has lots of experience in offering huge open worlds, but it seems incapable of crafting mature stories like the ones in the Fallout saga.

Fallout 4Will we go to Boston after New Vegas?

Daniel B and Dishonored 2: ‘I’m not into sequels, but I can make an exception’

Ever since I saw the first images from Dishonored, I knew I would fall in love with this game. The atmosphere in Dunwall with its permanent fog, steampunk flair and retro-futuristic technology are an example of how games can create new, totally captivating fantasy worlds.

Although I’m not really into sequels, I think that if they are made with passion, they can become great works of art, as good as the original games. That’s what I expect from Arcane Studios, who I hope will put together a Dishonored sequel set in a new world. I’ll be looking for a vibrant story and improved graphics, and if they succeed, they’ll be one of the E3 sensations, without a doubt!

Dishonored 2What’s beyond Dunwall?

Jon and Mass Effect 4: ‘No reapers, please’

I sometimes think I’m the only person in the world who liked the ending of the Mass Effect trilogy. Yes, I admit that Mass Effect 3 had some flaws. The reaper attacks, for example,  gave the game a speed that didn’t really match what you had to do, which was to take your time exploring and improving your skills. And I won’t even mention the multiplayer options. Despite all this, however, Mass Effect is still my sci-fi and RPG favorite, thanks to great characters and a universe that’s big enough to tell other stories.

I don’t really like fantasy, so I’ve always stayed away from RPGs with dwarves and elves. That’s why I think the game works best when it doesn’t make use of the reapers’ apocalyptic plot, especially in the second game. I hope Mass Effect 4 doesn’t portray another threat to the human race, as we’ve seen enough of them. But, even if it does, I still can’t wait to see it!

 Mass Effect 4

How will Mass Effect 4 relate to the rest of the series?

Maria and GTA 5 for PC: ‘I can’t wait to install mods’

After that long-forgotten 2011 trailer, and many rumors that turned out to be true, GTA 5 arrived on our consoles in September 2013. It was incredibly successful, and it absolutely deserved the praise. Rockstar did it again and managed to leave us open-mouthed with a story that was as good as any HBO series, characters that could have been conceived by Scorsese, and fun and complex gameplay, the GTA trademark, often copied and seldom equaled.

If I enjoyed (and still do, thanks to the online version) GTA 5 on the console, why would I want to do play again on PC? Because I’m sure that in this new version, Rockstar will offer much more, from a significant graphic upgrade, to a more optimized online game through mods. Yes, I admit it. Installing mods for my favorite games, especially ones that are just plain crazy, is one of my greatest guilty pleasures.

GTA 5 for PC

Will GTA 5 for PC be a more complete version of the game?

What’s your money on?

Well, these our the Softonic writers’ favorites. But if your favorite isn’t among them, don’t worry. We’ll get to see many other games at E3 2014, from new releases of acclaimed franchises such as FIFA or PES, to new games like The Sims 4Call of Duty and many more.

Two of our game experts will be at E3 2014 in LA to catch up on all the news and get their hands on some of the most anticipated games of next season, so make sure to keep an eye on Softonic.

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