Rip HD DVDs with the new AnyDVD HD Beta

anydvd.gifSlysoft recently released a Beta (version of its AnyDVD application, which will remove copy protection and regional codes (what they call “on the fly remastering”) for HD-DVD and AACS. In our full review of Anydvd we already touted its discretion and simplicity, and enjoyed how you can “watch the DVD at the same time” as it is being ripped by the program. No doubt this Beta will attract the interest of avid DVD users, however they’ll have to make sure they’re machines are up to the task. On the Slysoft forum there’s a thread on what hardware is recommended to play back your ripped HD DVDs.

Even though the announcement was widely relayed over the Internet it hasn’t spawned much controversy. Toshiba has kept quiet over the release of the AnyDVD Beta, which will rip its very own HD DVDs. It is widely expected that once AnyDVD comes out of Beta it will also be able to rip Blu Ray DVDs too. We’ll see then if the news sparks more controversy in the DVD world.

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