Rovio confirms Angry Birds Go is a kart racing game

Rovio confirms Angry Birds Go is a kart racing game

Back in June, Rovio teased a new Angry Birds game with a mysterious teaser site. The site showed a countdown from 3, the word “GO!” and a red angry bird taking off in a cloud of dust. While the company has not released a release date for the game, they have released a new teaser trailer that clears up a little about what the game actually is, putting to rest some of the rumors.

In the teaser video, a member of the Rovio team talks about how the company experimented with creating an endless runner type game like Temple Run or Minion Rush but decided to make a kart game instead. The energy drink company Red Bull apparently helped in this decision. The teaser video shows no gameplay video, though, so we’ll still have to wait for that.

Knowing the Angry Bird franchise, destructible karts and fighting are almost guaranteed. The teaser shows people dressed as angry birds crashing their soapbox derby karts. It’ll be exciting to see what Rovio comes up with in Angry Birds Go!.

Source: Rovio

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