Rumor: details leaked about GTA V next-gen remaster

Rumor: details leaked about GTA V next-gen remaster

A so far unverified source has claimed to have seen the next-gen version of GTA V in a closed-door presentation to Gamestop managers. S/He published some impressions on NeoGAF forums, with some interesting details for the upcoming PC, PS4, and Xbox One remastered version of the game.

The biggest changes to GTA V, unsurprisingly, are the graphics. Character models are better, and the foliage in the game has apparently been completely redone. Similarly, water (rain, rivers and the ocean) has been dramatically improved – it’s described as ‘gorgeous’.

Draw distance‘, which is how far the game lets you see, is now “insane”. It was good in the original console release, but now it’s described as being incredibly detailed. It’s all done in ‘real time’, from traffic to lighting effects – previously there was some ‘cheating’, pre-rendering things in the distance.

There is new content in this remaster of GTA V – the most obvious example was new songs on the radio stations. No details were given about other new content, like missions. While San Andreas in the original release felt really alive, the remaster should feel even more so. There is supposedly up to twice as much traffic in the new version, plus more wildlife and animals.

Remember, none of this is confirmed, but it does sound very likely. We know that new radio shows have been recorded, as some of the presenters have said so on social media. It’s of course very likely that the remaster will take full advantage of the extra power that next gen consoles and PCs can provide, so better graphics and a busier environment are a given.

The forum post ends by saying that it looks like Rockstar is gearing up for a big reveal soon, so if you’re waiting for GTA V on PC, watch this space!

Source: NeoGAF

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