Rumor: WhatsApp to launch web version

Rumor: WhatsApp to launch web version
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One of the most requested apps we know of is “WhatsApp for desktop“. But the app, which is tied to your phone number, has only been available for mobile devices so far. Now, references to a WhatsApp Web have been discovered in an Android version of the app.

Dutch website AndroidWorld looked at the code of the current Android beta APK in search of evidence of a web version of WhatsApp, after Telegram founder Pavel Durov claimed that WhatsApp tried to poach his web developer.

From what we can see, it looks likely that WhatsApp is developing a web app so that you can access the service through your browser. This would also mean that you could finally use WhatsApp from your tablet, as well as your desktop computer. Telegram has a web app, which you can use by signing in with your phone number, and then a special code sent to your device. It would seem likely that a WhatsApp web app would work in the same way.

As well as this rumored web app, Facebook-owned WhatsApp is supposed to be getting video calls sometime in early 2015. The hugely popular app has fallen behind its competition recently in terms of features, with Telegram, LINE and Viber notably offering users more features without the yearly subscription charge.

Source: AndroidWorld, Cult of Android

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