Rumor: Windows 10 will run on all Windows Phone 8 devices

Rumor: Windows 10 will run on all Windows Phone 8 devices
Jonathan Riggall

Jonathan Riggall

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We know that Windows 10 will be a cross platform release for desktops, tablets and mobile. A new rumor suggests that it will be compatible with all devices that currently run Windows Phone 8.

The rumor comes via WMPoweruser and a Twitter source called @Nawzil8, who has a good reputation for reliable leaks. In an exchange on Twitter @nawzil8 claims that you’ll be able to set wallpaper behind live tiles, but only in Windows 10, which would be available for ‘all Windows 8 phones.’

Exactly how Windows 10 will get to users is somewhat of a mystery. There are rumors that Windows 8 users will get a free upgrade, with Windows 7 and earlier users possibly getting a discount to buy it. But so far no official word from Microsoft. Will Windows Phone 8 get the update free, much as Android and iOS users would?

Source: WMPoweruser, @nawzil8

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