Rumored Babble could unify all of Google’s chat services

Rumored Babble could unify all of Google’s chat services

Google has grown so quickly that some of its services have become redundant. The company is reportedly trying to fix the problem of redundant chat apps by combining them all into one service called Babble, reports

Currently, Google has Google Talk, Messenger (part of Google+), Voice, Hangouts, and chat for Google Drive. It wasn’t until recently that Google services could share data between each other so Messenger and Talk pretty much work the same except a message you get in Google Talk won’t show up in Messenger. Google Voice is an amazing service that I use every day, but development for it has sputtered and it now feels like an abandoned product. Hopefully Google can make Voice relevant again.

The should come as no surprise as Apple and even Facebook have unified messaging platforms. Apple has iMessage and Facebook has Messenger but each company’s strategy differs greatly. Apple unifies chat for all of its own devices but Facebook Messenger unifies chat across all devices. Hopefully Google will follow Facebook’s path and make Babble platform agnostic.

Babble is nothing more than a rumor at this point, but has received multiple unnamed sources that have confirmed the existence of Babble. It would make sense if Google debuted this as a feature of its next Nexus flagship phone during the Google I/O conference in May.


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