Rumors about Monkey Island 5

Monkey Island 5Videogame creators –and sometimes gamers themselves too- love to spread rumors about new releases. The more popular a game is the higher chance it has to produce all kinds of gossiping around it. The last news we’ve heard about is the hypothetical future release of Monkey Island 5. After a successful series of four titles, the last of which was released in 2000, the first rumors about another chapter in the saga have begun.

According to RumorReporter, “the fifth Monkey Island is coming” but we shouldn’t expect it before 2008. Tom Sarris, LucasArts PR Manager, confirmed this theory back in 2002 when asked about the next Monkey Island:

They are definitely going to make Monkey Island 5 since it is their most popular franchise. However, we shouldn’t expect it in the near future.

Five years have passed since then and what we can state for sure is that Monkey Island 5 is currently not in production. I personally enjoy adventure games a lot and would love to see good ol’ Guybrush again, but I guess this is not LucasArts’ priority right now. Anyway, I think they should take advantage of the pirate revival (thanks to movies like Pirates of the Caribbean) or maybe turn the tables and create a radically different game, more in agreement with the most popular game trends nowadays. What about a Monkey Island MMORPG?

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