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Saints Row shows off its musical chops in this Gat Out of Hell trailer

Saints Row shows off its musical chops in this Gat Out of Hell trailer
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The Saints Row series has always had a good sense of humor about itself, featuring self-deprecating jokes and random dance numbers. Developer Volition went above and beyond this time with a musical trailer for its upcoming expansion, Gat Out of Hell.

Gat Out of Hell tells the story of Satan’s daughter, named Jezebel, who wishes to be freed from Hell to experience love for herself. Her romantic interest is none other than Saints leader Johnny Gat, who we get to hear (for better or worse) singing in this trailer.

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The entire trailer is so well done that I wish the entire game was just one big musical number with breaks of hilarious violence in between songs.

The Saints previously showed off their musical prowess in Saints Row IV with its Biz Markie sing-along and dance off.

The Gat Out of Hell expansion for Saints Row IV will be available January 20, 2015 on PC PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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