Meet Samsung’s new foldable Galaxy phone

Justin Cabrera


Samsung has recently released a four-minute video showing off the basic functionality and design of its new Galaxy Fold device. The complete lack of voiceover or text gives the video a slightly eerie vibe, but it does a good job of showing off the phone’s basic design and tactile nuances. The mostly silent film can be seen below.

samsung galaxy fold

The video demonstrates the phone’s inward folding design, as opposed to the Huawei Mate X’s outward folding design. While folded in “phone mode,” the outside of the device has a 4.6inch HD+ display. The phone unfolds into “tablet mode,” featuring the device’s signature 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display.

The Infinity Flex Display’s resolution is 2048×1536, which is much larger than 1080p. Apps that were running while folded will seamlessly transition to the unfolded screen, expanding to reveal additional content and information. This technology is called App Continuity, and it was added by Google to the Android platform with the Galaxy Fold being the first device to make use of it.

Smartphone photographers rejoice, as the Galaxy Fold features a whopping six cameras: a selfie camera while folded, three rear cameras that are usable while folded or unfolded, and two front cameras to use while unfolded. As shown in the video, the cameras can be easily switched between by tapping a button, changing the zoom of the image. Hopefully, you’ll be able to put all of these cameras to better use than the video’s Patrick Bateman-like star shooting his sterile apartment.

The Galaxy Fold will be priced at $1,980, making it one of the most expensive smartphones in the world. Samsung is well aware that this price comes as shocking to many potential customers. To help ease their fears, Samsung considers the Galaxy Fold as a superpremium device and is treating its launch as such, including by limiting its supply. Elaborating on this in an interview with The Verge, Samsung UK’s Director of Product, Services, and Commercial Strategy Kate Beaumont said, “This is a super premium device, and we want to make sure it has a concierge-like service and experience, so it’s not going to be on display in all stores. You’re not going to see it on the stands, we want to make sure it’s a very personal experience. There will be quite intensive aftercare that goes with it as well.”

What exactly is meant by the “concierge and aftercare service” remains to be seen, but Samsung’s troubleshooting and tech support for such a premium device need to be spotless.

The Galaxy Fold will come with a free set of Galaxy Buds in premium packaging. If Samsung intends to stick with this price point, it’s smart of them to consider the Fold a superpremium product, complete with limited supply. At its release, the Galaxy Fold will likely be considered the absolute best, most advanced smartphone money can buy. The Galaxy Fold faces competition from the Huawei Mate X, another device that features a foldable design (though the Mate X’s outward folding and all-screen design are notably different from the Fold). The Mate X is even more expensive at $2,600. Huawei will be hard pressed to overcome Samsung’s highly recognizable Galaxy brand, as consumers are likelier to buy a never-before-seen foldable smartphone from a brand they already trust.

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