Samsung Galaxy S11: First images

Mike Braun


Although the Samsung Galaxy S10 just came out, the S11 has already been leaked!


Thanks to the Dutch SITE Letsgodigital , we have the first patents of the S11. Its design is quite different from the previous Galaxy. For a long time, it has been rumored that the Samsung Galaxy wouldn’t have borders, and that it would be all screen. This seems to be the case with the new Galaxy.


The Galaxy S11 appears it will be a very compact phone, with no borders and with a curved screen much more pronounced than the current Samsung models.

The front camera and sensors will be perfectly integrated into the screen. To prevent this curvature from causing image distortions, the camera module will be placed at a slight angle.

The camera system in the back will have several objectives, which will be displayed vertically, not horizontally, as with the Samsung Galaxy S10.

For now, there is no sign of other new technologies, such as folding or rolling screens.

It must be said that patents never show final designs, so it is possible that the above image does not represent the final design of the Samsung Galaxy S11 completely.

We leave you with the conceptual designs that they have created:




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