Samsung Milk Music is an ad-free streaming radio service for Galaxy devices

Lewis Leong


Samsung its giving streaming music another try with Milk Music. There are plenty of streaming radio apps out there like Pandora, Spotify, Google Play Music, and iTunes Radio but Milk Music offers ad-free listening. For now, at least.

Milk Music features a unique, analog inspired interface. You browse different genres of music with a circular dial like a radio knob. There are big buttons for playlist, pause, and skip at the bottom. Users can customize their listening experience by using sliders to manipulate popularity, newness, and favorited tracks. There’s also toggles for which genres show up in the center dial.

Samsung Milk Music is an ad-free streaming radio service for Galaxy devices

While Milk Music is ad-free, it won’t be forever. The company notes that the ad-free experience will only be available for “a limited time.” The company has not stated when they expect to introduce ads to the service. Users are also limited to six skips per hour like Pandora and

Unfortunately, Milk Music doesn’t make it easy to buy tracks. Google Play Music easily links to songs in the Play Store but Milk Music offers no way to buy tracks. Samsung used to have a Music Hub app for purchasing tracks but discontinued it July.

Milk Music is available now in the Google Play Store for Samsung Galaxy devices only. Check it out at the source link below.

Source: Milk Music (Google Play)

Via: The Verge


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