Save webpages as images in Firefox

save-image-as-firefox.gifWhile Mozilla developers still have a long way to go (the final version of Firefox 3 won’t be released until the end of this year), rumors about the browser’s new exciting features keep leaking from the company. A while ago we learnt that Firefox 3 will allow you to save webpages as PDF files. Then we read that it will also be able to work offline with web applications. And while we anxiously wait for more news, we keep on upgrading our Firefox 2 with handy extensions like Save As Image.

Save As Image enables you to save whole websites as an image. That is, it saves not only what you see in your web browser’s interface, but also the areas of the webpage that remain hidden beyond the application edges.

You can choose among several graphic formats and image quality levels, and also select between saving the whole webpage or just an area of it, though this last function didn’t seem to work properly. Still, it’s a nice and useful plugin for those who need to be constantly taking snapshots of websites.

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