Ted Lasso is ready to say GoodBye: Season 3 is Going to Be Epic

Everything you need to know about Ted Lasso's latest season

Ted Lasso is ready to say GoodBye: Season 3 is Going to Be Epic
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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Ted Lasso reaches its final season. The series starring Jason Sudeikis will return soon, but it will do so with a last batch of episodes that will say goodbye to this story that has become a delight for its fans. Below we leave you with all the information about when, where and how you can watch the last story of this very special soccer coach.

Where to watch Ted Lasso Season 3?

Ted Lasso is an Apple TV+ exclusive series, and therefore can be watched on Tim Cook‘s company’s exclusive platform. Along with Ted Lasso, there are many other platform-exclusive series worth watching, such as Servant, Severance or For All Mankind. In fact, it is becoming a worthy alternative to Netflix.


All seasons of the series are available on Apple‘s streaming service for €6.99 per month after a seven-day free trial. Much less than what Netflix costs and on par with other platforms such as HBO Max or Amazon Prime Video.

Ted Lasso Temporada 3 debuta en marzo en AppleTV+

When does Ted Lasso Season 3 premiere?

The third season of the series will be available on March 15 on the platform. It will be a batch of 12 new episodes that will be released weekly until May 31, 2023, when Ted Lasso’s final episode arrives.

Each episode will be released, depending on the country, at a different time, as it has a simultaneous release. The first of them will arrive at this time:

  • Spain: 09:00h
  • Argentina: 05:00h
  • Colombia: 03:00h
  • Mexico: 02:00h
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What will Ted Lasso Season 3 be about?

The second season of Ted Lasso told how AFC Richmond, captained by the coach played by Jason Sudeikis, rose to the top tier of the Premier League. Building on this, the new season will tell how the team faces predictions that it will finish bottom of the table.

Meanwhile, we see how Nate, nicknamed “the wunderkind” has left for West Ham United to work alongside Rupert. In the wake of Nate’s controversial departure from Richmond, Roy Kent becomes assistant coach alongside Beard.

As for Ted, the coach will have to struggle with the pressures of his new status while dealing with his personal problems. Everything seems to be falling apart both on and off the field, so Ted and his team must overcome the situation.

Ted Lasso Season 3: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Final Season  Speculation - TV Guide

Will it be Ted Lasso’s final season?

Everything seems to indicate that yes, this will be the last season of the trainer’s adventures. In an interview for The Times, actor and scriptwriter Brett Goldstein confirmed that “we’re writing it like this” and joked about the end of the series: “it was planned in three seasons. Spoiler alert: everyone dies at the end.”

For his part, Jason Sudeikis has stated that this season would be the end for him, “This is the end of the story that we wanted to tell, that we hoped to tell, that we loved to tell”. So, as successful as the series has been and as iconic as Apple TV+ has become, it doesn’t look like the platform’s plans are going to change.


However, it opens the door to a very attractive possibility and that could be the hope of Apple TV+ to keep it beyond the protagonist himself: making spin-offs. Increasingly fashionable among successful series, there are not few series that have continued beyond the main protagonist through the stories of secondary characters.

The last big blockbuster spin-offs we can remember are House of the Dragon and Better Call Saul, both with unparalleled fame. So Ted Lasso could follow this path without problems. Characters to carry out the idea he has plenty, so it’s just a matter of waiting what Apple TV+ wants to do: whether to end it all or move forward with his ideas beyond Jason Sudeikis.

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