Second Life adds new features and fixes

Second LifeThe makers of Second Life have announced a new release of the popular online world ( featuring an array of new shortcuts and usability improvements that have been long overdue. Developers Linden Labs say that they’ve addressed around 45 bugs and issues mainly concerned to Second Life’s troublesome Instant Messaging function.

The team have added new IM shortcuts including the ability to switch between IM tabs using the Alt-Left arrow and Alt-Right arrow. You can also now close all IM windows using Ctrl-W. Other improvements include inventory system folders which may now be sorted from top to bottom. Also now, when checking your balance, a graphic reads ‘Loading’ instead of just showing blank. Other improvements include the minimap which is now enabled by default when Second Life runs for the first time.

We advise users to be very careful to preserve the previous installation file when upgrading however. Many users on the Second Life blog are complaining that the upgrade has not been successful and that the program keeps crashing. If you keep the installation file, you can always roll-back the upgrade if you experience similar problems.

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