Secret Nokia game to play on PC and N-Gage

N-GageNokia has decided to expand beyond its N-Gage mobile platform and create a game that will also be playable on PCs. Currently known as “Project White Rock”, the game will be developed by Scott Foe, known for N-Gage hits like Pathway to Glory. According to, this new title will use SNAP technology, which “connects games devices with PCs”. Because Scott Foe is known for his work with “connected gaming” on titles like Pocket Kingdom: Own the World, we have every reason to believe that “Project White Rock” will be some sort of online multiplayer game. One thing is already certain though, “the game’s resolution will remain the same on PC as on mobile”.

Nokia created a blog, Future Watch, in December 2006, where they are expected to release hints of new N-Gage releases and should hopefully have more details on “Project White Rock” soon.

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