Secure your home using your PC

Say I love going on holiday but I often worry about leaving the house empty for a long time. Thankfully I’ve found a way to prevent the burglars helping themselves to the contents of my gold cellar without having to spend a fortune on security. By rooting out an old webcam and installing a simple piece of software I was able to keep my home under constant surveillance while I went away recently.

CamUniversal is a great solution that can be used to turn your webcam into your personal CCTV system. Its built-in motion detection tool will pick up on any movement in front of it whenever you’re out of the house. The great thing about this app, and many others of its ilk, is that you can program it to perform a certain action when motion is detected. You can use this to do all manner of sneaky things, such as snapping the crooks red-handed, triggering an alarm application or even sending an email to let you (or in this case, my friend Big Dave) know when security has been breached.

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