See Clearly: Getting the Best Video in Format Factory

See Clearly: Getting the Best Video in Format Factory

Asking, ‘What is the best video format?’ is a lot like asking, ‘What is the best car?’. That all depends on what you’re looking for – an economical commuter, a hauling mule, or a fancy sports car. Similarly, the best video format for streaming isn’t the best format for wowing your friends on the new HDTV. Each type of video storage, viewing, and transfer method affects what you’re looking for in a good file format.

Balancing File Size & Image Quality

Remember, a copy in a different format loses quality. It may be so minimal that the eye can’t detect it, but the data loss is there, so the quality loss is real. It becomes more evident if the format is chosen improperly or if you choose settings in Format Factory that are extremely low quality – such as setting the screen resolution to 320×240 or below. Use the default settings for each format in Format Factory or set them higher. To maintain good quality (unless you really know what you’re doing), don’t go below the default settings for a particular video unless you’ve tried it and know it will turn out okay. Also be aware that each video is different. A high-quality DVD might be able to lose a lot of quality and still be okay, whereas a poorly shot home video cannot.

Some of the more common formats for video files are:



• MOV (QT)




• M4V/MP4

• MPEG-1

• MPEG-2


• h.264

Format Factory can convert video files both to and from all of these formats (as well as a lot of others). You can begin choosing the best format by deciding what format is most popular for the medium you plan to use. For example, if you want to play the video on your tablet while you’re waiting at the bus stop, try an MP4. If you plan to burn DVDs of your films to send to your friends and family, it might be better to choose AVI, RM, or RMVB. The extension of similar files can also be a clue for you to use. For example, if all of the files you currently have and use contain the file extension .flv, then that might be a good format for you to use with your other videos, so long as you’re happy with the quality you’re getting.

With some time and practice, you’ll be picking the best format for the medium in no time.

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