Share web content lightning fast with Cortex for Chrome

Amber Sass


Google’s Chrome browser just got a little cooler. In recent months, lots of hype has surrounded browsers like Rock Melt and Flock that integrate social networking sites into side bars. In an apparent move to keep pace, Google just introduced Cortex, an extension for Chrome.

Google claims that Cortex is the fastest way to share content on the internet with friends and family. After a quick test run of the extension, I’m inclined to agree. This is saying something indeed, as browsers like Rock Melt have made it especially easy to share content without ever having to actually log into sites like Twitter or Facebook by browser.

After installation, the Cortex extension requires just one simple click to begin sharing content. From there, a click wheel will appear, allowing you to share the web page you’re viewing on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or Instapaper. You can even pick specific Facebook friends with whom to share the content and add a personalized message on any of the interfaces. And as claimed, sharing on Cortex is super fast. What’s not to like?

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