Shootmania Storm out now

Shootmania Storm out now

Shootmania Storm is now available to buy on Maniaplanet and Steam. The fast paced multiplayer first person shooter has had a long beta phase, resulting in an established community of gamers with lots of user created content already out there.

Shootmania Storm takes the philosophy of Trackmania and applies it to the FPS. So it’s fast paced, arcade gameplay with an emphasis on giving players simple tools to create their own maps and objects. In Shootmania, that’s an easy to use map editor, with great tools for making your own weapons and guns.

Closer to Quake than Call of Duty, Shootmania Storm isn’t concerned with realism or violence, but rather quick FPS action that emphasizes athletic fast moving shooting around maps. It doesn’t have the scale of Tribes: Ascend, but it’s almost as fast.

If you were participating in the Beta program, but have not bought the game, you’ll still be able to play Elite and Royal game modes. Currently new players cannot create new free trial accounts, but the developers are promising that this will be possible soon.

Read my impressions of the beta here.

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