Short videos on Instagram may be a thing of the past

Since 2013, Instagram has allowed us to post videos lastinig up to 15 seconds, but now, it’s letting us get a little bit more creative with the option to upload 60 second videos!

Initially, the 60-second videos we have already witnessed on the app were only available to paying advertisers, so, we’re gusessing that since the “live-streaming” hype has been “a thing”, Instagram simply just wants a piece of the action (and why would it not?)

We also wonder if Instagram allow us to post longer videos, they will also start to introduce more editing options, such as the ability to cut videos from anywhere you want? Hopefully we don’t have long to find out!

Let’s see if this gives their users something to smile about, as opposed to huffing and puffing with regards to the other changes the Facebook-owned app is planning to make.

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