Should you upgrade to Windows 10?

Should you upgrade to Windows 10?

With Microsoft offering a free upgrade to the new version of their operating system, you are probably asking yourself “should I upgrade to Windows 10?

Well, honestly, the answer is yes, you should… eventually. Luckily Microsoft is not forcing you to rush into the upgrade immediately. Providing you have an official version of Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 then you have one whole year to get on the free upgrade bandwagon.

Free Windows 10

Having a keen interest in technology, we will be downloading it day one – so you can be certain you will hear of any issues here on Softonic. But, time and again the same scenario has played out with every major OS launch, early versions are less reliable than those available after just a few updates (after all there is no better way to stress test a service than giving it to millions of users).

So, if you are concerned, feel free to give Microsoft time to iron out early issues before taking the upgrade. But do take it, because Windows 10 is shaping up to be a real step forward in terms of usability and cross-platform functionality.

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