Sign up for the Tropico 5 beta

Sign up for the Tropico 5 beta

Tropico 5 is coming out this year, and now you can sign up for the beta test of the strategy game on PC. Access is not guaranteed. To sign up you need a free Kalypso Launcher account, and to provide your PC specifications.

Tropico 5 is the next in the popular strategy/dictator sim series that sees players step into the beard of El Presidente and develop your small island nation through the ages, from colonial times up to today. For the first time in the series’ history, Tropico 5 will feature cooperative and competitive multiplayer for up to four players. We’re eager to see how dicators can cooperate as they struggle to survive the two World Wars, the Cold War and more.

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The beta test will run in March, and developer Kalypso says it’s looking for testers who are well experienced in playing city-building strategy games like Tropico, so they can make this next title as good as possible. The beta has a standard ‘non disclosure agreement’, so you are not allowed to upload video to YouTube or write about your Tropico 5 experiences.

Sign up here.


[Source: Kalypso Media]

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