Single game of Fortnite clocks over 1,000,000 viewers!

Source: Kotaku

The internet almost exploded last week when Fortnite streamer Ninja hooked up with Drake to stream a Fortnite match on Twitch. Together they were able to smash the Twitch record for most concurrent viewers of a single match by notching up over 600,000 live viewers. This destroyed the previous record, which just a month prior stood at 388,000 viewers. For a brief moment there it looked as if Drake had flexed his pop culture muscle to show YouTubers that you know, they ain’t got nothing on him.

Well, that brief moment is long gone as this week Spanish YouTuber elrubius, put a call out to the 100 best Spanish language speaking Fortnite players to join him in a match on Twitch. The resulting match clocked up a whopping 1 million live viewers and has since been viewed over 9 million times. Rubius has over 28 million subscribers on YouTube but what makes this match even more impressive is that the 1 million live viewers were just the ones that were watching Rubius’ stream of the match. A lot of the 100 players also had huge YouTube followings themselves so once their numbers come in too that record-breaking figure could keep climb even higher.

Your move Drake.

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