Skype 6.2 update adds re-designed toolbar and eGifting

Skype 6.2 update adds re-designed toolbar and eGifting

skype metro iconVersion 6.2 of Skype is available now and brings a re-designed toolbar and the ability to send eGifts to your friends. The re-designed toolbar will show up at the top of your contact list. There’s options for Home, Dialer, Create Groups, and Adding Contacts. These aren’t new features but they’re presented more prominently in the Skype interface.

eGifting makes it debut in Skype 6.2, allowing you to send friends Skype credits. Skype will also give you birthday notifications, reminding you to send your friends credits. Users can send credits at any time, whether it’s a contact’s birthday or not. This is a very limited implementation since Facebook allows its users to send actual gifts. Still, it’s a nice option to be able to gift a contact some Skype credits if they need them.

Another minor update in this version is the ability to send IMs with the Ctrl + Enter key combination.

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Skype 6.2 is available for Windows and Mac.

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