Skype for Mac introduces Facebook chat

Skype for Mac introduces Facebook chat

It may not be the interface change that many Mac fans pine for, but it is a significant update for Skype for Mac. Like the Windows version, Facebook chat is now integrated into Skype. The developers announced on the Skype blog:

Just like in our Windows client, you will now be able to IM and connect with your Facebook friends without leaving Skype. You will also be able to read and update your News Feed, as well as comment and ‘Like’ your Facebook friends’ posts – all within Skype for Mac. To connect to Facebook, simply sign into Skype, click on the Connect to Facebook tab and enter your Facebook sign in details.

However, if you don’t have credit or Skype Premium, you’ll also now start to see ads in Skype for Mac.

Note that the new version of Skype ( is now reverted to Beta from “Gold” as it was previously known so you may experience problems when using the new Facebook chat feature.

Download Skype for Mac Beta.

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