Streamline your system with SmartPC

Streamline your system with SmartPC

System optimisation is a bit like security in that those who understand it, know how important it is and how to alter their browsing and usage habits to achieve it. However, there are a huge number of titles that claim to offer a helping hand in streamlining your system, many of which promise the world but don’t deliver the goods. The makers of Smart PC have put plenty of effort into making an original interface but have they carried that over and made a tool that lives up to its name?

On first opening the program, it’s not immediately obvious what you’re supposed to do – its vaguely labelled buttons are plastered left, right and centre of the interface. Thankfully, as you mouse over each, a separate window gives you a more detailed explanation and you can get started on whatever you need to do without complication. Getting stuck into the options will generally give a good idea of who the software is aimed at and judging from those of Smart PC, it has been made with inexperienced users in mind. Thanks to the very restricted level of control the user has, there are several important settings that haven’t been included. In comparison to a free alternative that does the same job, CCleaner, Smart PC is lacking secure deletion, an update check and most importantly, it only examines the cookies from Internet Explorer, totally ignoring those of Firefox.

Smart PC regains some kudos with its log file system, which by default saves fifteen log and undo files, should the registry changes have an adverse affect on your PC. The clean and optimize features are run-of-the-mill for this kind of software and don’t bring anything to the table that you wouldn’t be able to do with a few clicks in the regular Windows interface.

The most striking thing about Smart PC is that it practically holds the users at arm’s length from doing anything that could damage their computer but while doing so also limits the amount of optimisation that can take place. As a simple click-and-forget solution it’s great, but for more serious optimisation, it makes better sense to use the free CCleaner, or to start studying so you can get your hands dirty with the registry.

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