Third-party Snapchat apps to save Snapchat photos

Third-party Snapchat apps to save Snapchat photos

As images continue to dominate social networks, many third-party Snapchat apps have emerged to help users save their fleeting Snapchat images.

Although it’s not a traditional social network, Snapchat has added features that make it more than just a 10 second glimpse into someone’s life. Adding ‘Snapchat Stories’ lets contacts see a photo for up to 24 hours, and for what’s become a legitimate form of communication, especially among teenage users, 24 hours may not be a long enough time frame for its growing use as a pseudo social network.

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For those who see value in keeping fun or entertaining Snapchat photos from friends (and prefer an easier method than taking screen shots), there are plenty of third-party apps for iOS and Android that let you to download and save Snapchat photos to your phone.

Note, to use all of these apps, you must log in with your Snapchat username and password.


UPDATE (30-01-2014): Google has removed some of these third-party apps from Google Play citing a violation of the Play Store’s policies.

SnapCapture for Snapchat

SnapCapture for SnapchatAs one of the most popular Android solutions for saving Snapchat images, SnapCapture is a very basic but useful app. It does nothing more than save your Snapchat images to either the in-app gallery, or to your device’s photo album. Like most Snapchat saving apps, you have to open the images in SnapCapture before opening them in Snapchat if you want to save them. Unfortunately, you can only save images for free during the 7-day trial before you’re forced to pay for an upgrade.

SnapSave for Snapchat

SnapSave for SnapchatSnapSave (no the same as the iOS version) works in the same way as SnapCapture, letting you either save unopened images and videos, or view them as many times as you’d like within the app. Images from someone’s story, on the other hand, will be automatically saved in your photo gallery. Another big difference between saving single snaps or stories? Users will be notified when you view a story, but you can choose whether or not you want the user to know that you’ve viewed a regular snap. Again, after the first 25 images, you must purchase an upgrade to continue using the app.

SnapChat Save Pics

SnapChat Save PicsSnapChat Save Pics works in almost the exact same way as SnapSave: automatically save stories, view or save images and videos, and only notify the user that the image was been viewed if you want. The biggest difference? SnapChat Save Pics is completely free, with no upgrade needed to save more than a set number of images.


Snap-hack Pro for Snapchat

Snap-hack proThere’s both a pro and a lite version of this app, but the pro version has proven more popular among users thanks to some cool features. It’s the app that functions most similarly to Snapchat, not only letting you save Snapchat images to your iPhone, but also letting you take pictures within the app and add stickers and effects not available in Snapchat. If you’re looking to do a little more than just save photos, Snap-hack Pro is a good option.

SaveSnap for Snapchat

SaveSnap for SnapchatThe app is simple, but one of the nicest looking ones on the list, doing exactly what you’d expect: it lets you save any Snapchat photo or video to your camera roll by opening it first in SaveSnap. The (dangerous) standout feature of the app is letting you share photos directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email. SaveSnap lets you save a limited number of snaps before requiring an upgrade.

Snap Save for Snapchat

Snap Save for SnapchatNot to be confused with the previously named SaveSnap, Snap Save is another run of the mill option for saving photos and videos from Snapchat. It doesn’t have any outstanding features, but it does separate individual photos and stories into categories, even letting you view snaps that have been cleared from your Snapchat feed, as long as they’ve been cached in the app. Again, you must pay for unlimited photo saving.

As Facebook’s growth continues to decline and Instagram surpasses expectations as the fastest growing social network, it’s become apparent that a combination of photo-sharing and mobile platforms is a key ingredient to the modern social network. Apps like Snapchat, which is massively popular with teens, quick, instant and, most importantly, strictly visual, is further proof of this platform’s success. Even more add-ons to enhance the experience are are emerging, like LaterSnap, which lets you send images from your camera roll via Snapchat.

Of course, at its core, it’s still meant to be a fleeting photo-sharing app that lets users exchange photos instantly, but if 10 seconds just isn’t enough, there are plenty of third-party apps that can help you save those memories.


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