Snapquest: A location-based Instagram live stream

Snapquest: A location-based Instagram live stream

InstagramInstagram is undeniably one of the most popular photo sharing apps for Android and iPhone. It makes sense then, that there are numerous apps available to improve your Instagram viewing experience on the web.

Most of these apps create a web interface so you can view your own photos in your browser, search for other users, and even comment on and like specific images.

Snapquest is a little different, but just as much fun in its own way.

Instead of viewing your own photos through a web interface, Snapquest lets you watch a live photo stream of other users’ images, as the photos are being taken and uploaded to Instagram. The part that makes it fun is that Snapquest is organized into sub-sites by city, so you get an immediate idea of what people are photographing in particular locations, right at this very moment. By pulling photos tagged by location, Snapquest updates with a new picture every few seconds, with older ones appearing in a ticker of recently viewed smaller images above it.

You can even explore pinned locations of where recently viewed photos were taken via a map immediately to the right of the most current image.

Snapquest is currently available and streaming live in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and Paris. More cities are expected to be added soon.

In addition to the ability to be a living room voyeur, you can also share photo finds via your social networks in a few simple clicks. Just choose the photo you want to share from the ticker of recently viewed images or the map, or mouse over the most recent image, and you’ll be able to see your sharing options.

You can share images on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon or via email, all in one easy click.

Simple but addictive, Snapquest is a fun way to find and share photos taken near you, and will likely continue to delight as new cities get their very own live streams.

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