Snapshot of the tech world 10 years ago

Snapshot of the tech world 10 years ago

Old computerTen years are nothing – except in the world of technology. Computers, the Internet and the software industry have evolved a lot in the last decade as a result of the implementation of new protocols, programming languages and advanced hardware capabilities.

Ten years ago many people were using Windows 95, which sold more than one million copies in just four days. Apple hired Steve Jobs as a consultant, Macromedia launched Flash 1.0 and two young students at the Stanford University began developing Google. Other famous sites like eBay, Hotmail and Amazon had been launched just a few months before. These were also the years when the DVD and the wheel mouse were born, when Sony released its first VAIO and the IBM computer Deep Blue beat Gary Kasparov in a chess match.

Google in 1997

In 1997 our computers had 233 MHz processors and we connected to the Internet with 33.6 modems. And how did web pages look ten years ago? The answer is in the Wayback Machine, where you can view archived versions of many websites across the years. Plain designs, just a few graphics not to overload connections and pure, simple HTML that has little to do with today’s Ajax technology. It’s real time travel and it’s just a few clicks away!

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