Social interests app CircleMe comes to Android

Social interests app CircleMe comes to Android

CircleMe is a social app for sharing your interests and passions and connect with people like you. It now has an Android app, available here. It was originally launched in 2012, and came to iOS in March of this year.

The idea of CircleMe is that you only see the things you are interested in, unlike Facebook, where you’re exposed to lots of stuff that doesn’t interest you. It’s like a mix of Facebook and Pinterest, focused on finding community that shares your interests, rather than just friends and family.

Like Pinterest, with CircleMe you ‘Like‘ your interests, and there are 11 million already, to which you can add your own. When you find people with tastes you like, you ‘Trust‘ them, and they join your personal community. The news feed in CircleMe is made up of shares from your trusted friends.

One of the more unique features of CircleMe is the ‘Plant‘ feature. You can plant pins on a map, publicly or privately, related to one of your likes. So you might plant a museum you like, or a venue, to share with your friends.

Download CircleMe for Android or iOS.


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