Softonic Speaks to…Jay Leopardi, Founder & CEO, Fanstereo

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Written by: Tina Tyler/ Tina On Tech

My father used to say that there are two types of people in this world; those with vision and leadership, and those with action and compliance. To succeed, he argued, you need both types of people, in a fertile environment, at just the precise moment in time. And, the superstar? Well, they have the capacity to be both as well as the wisdom to discern when and where to display which asset. A symbiotic relationship sprinkled with a little serendipity!

Softonic Speaks to…Jay Leopardi, Founder & CEO, Fanstereo

By all indications, Jay Leopardi and his new business venture Fanstereo is a fantastical fusion of vision, action, and wisdom. But vision is a fragile thing. To dream beyond the scope of comprehension or implementation is by default a mere thought, never to be realized. But a dream rooted in earnest, born from a void and developed by those who can fertilize it and make it grow just as you envisioned is why Fanstereo is booming the competition. “I saw a gap in the audio market,” said Leopardi. “Beats by Dre was no more as far as we were concerned which allowed us to move into the market. The idea was simple, create high-quality audio products at affordable prices and collaborate with artists to give fans true audio the way the artist intended.” With the wisdom of co-founders Super Bowl Champion Walter Thurmond III and Steve Rois, CEO of Direct Sound, Leopardi was able to realize his dream and launch Fanstereo.

Known for celebrity branding, Leopardi knew that marketing the Fanstereo line of products needed celebrity star power with a huge fan-base. “Artists such as Train were already on board,” according to Leopardi. “We decided to launch with music and dance sensations Ayo and Teo because they have crazy social media numbers, like 300 million views with their song Rolex and they appeal to a younger audience. We wanted to start with the youngsters.” The Fanstereo, Ayo and Teo product collab includes Studio 43 headphones, Eirs earbuds, and NuBump speakers. “We’re starting with Ayo and Teo, but we’re partnering with other artists, athletes, and non-profits as well,” said Leopardi.

There are two types of people in this world; those with vision and leadership, and those with action and compliance. Jay Leopardi in an atypical amalgamation of vision and vivacity and vigilance. In one chord he strums to correct the financial imbalance many artists experience. In another chorus, he sings the chord of patented audio technology and delivers the true acoustic music fans desire. But if you listen very closely to the entire symphony, you’ll hear the nuisance in rhythm and melody and sound that drive Fanstereo. And the superstar? Helmed by Jay Leopardi and his team, sprinkled by a little serendipity, Fanstereo is indeed a superstar!

Tina Tyler is a veteran broadcast journalist and syndicated writer. She is the host of Tina On Tech, the only weekly radio/TV technology program produced and hosted by an African American woman with distribution in the United States and the United Kingdom. Tyler is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, National Academy of Television Arts and Science, and recently has been nominated for a Women In Technology Award.

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