Software apps for a perfect Valentine’s Day

Software for Valentine's DayToday is February 1st, which means that the countdown to Valentine’s Day has started. While both offline and online shops offer special discounts and prepare for yet another Hallmark holiday, we’d like to propose some ideas to celebrate lover’s day in a somehow different way.

Leaving flowers and chocolates aside, software apps provide you with quite a wide array of resources to show your love to your significant one. So if you’re looking for a more original Valentine’s Day, check this list and make your choice.

  • Be creative and design your own Valentine’s card. There are several software tools available for this aim but ArcSoft Greeting Card Creator is probably one of the best ones out there.
  • If you’re tired of traditional greeting cards, try creating yours with Snap. Take a picture of yourself with your webcam and some Valentine-themed graphics to it. Quick and effective!
  • For thos who want to go a step ahead in greeting cards, Comic Life is a great choice. Select the best photos of you and your beloved one and create an awfully romantic comic with them.
  • Another option would be to apply a beautiful effect to any of your photos, ideally one with you and your sweetheart on it. Use FotoSketcher, buy a frame and you’re done.
  • Finally, if you really want to show the world how big your love is, take a picture of you both and turn it into a massive poster with Posteriza. Dropping jaws guaranteed!
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